• 1902
    October 11: A. A. Tomlinson marries Ada Rogers. Willard A. and Harry E. Speakman attend the wedding

    A. A. heads to Norfolk after leaving Speakman Company in Wilmington. Befriends Colonel C. A. Nash, who joins the business.
  • 1903
    January 22: the company receives its charter in Norfolk

    W. B. Tomlinson comes to Norfolk from Wilmington

    September 23: A. A. Tomlinson, Jr. (Uncle Albin) is born in Wilmington

    December 17: Orville Wright flies aircraft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, first powered flight.
  • 1905
    Feb: Col. Nash dies

    March 17: Perry elected President

    March 17: Franklin D. Roosevelt marries his fifth cousin Eleanor Roosevelt

    November 29: branch operation in Richmond authorized
  • 1906
    Richmond store opens at Number 7 Governor Street

    February 26: Upton Sinclair publishes The Jungle
  • 1907
    John B. Jenkins and J. J. Lawler become stockholders and members of the Board of Directors

    April 17 goes down as the busiest day of immigration in the history Ellis Island
  • 1908
    Charles L. Roberts joins the business

    October 1: Ford unveils Model T
  • 1909
    December 10: Board leases a larger building for the Richmond branch at Number 8-12 South 8th Street.
  • 1910
    February 2: Mary Virginia Tomlinson born in Norfolk.
  • 1912
    B. F. Rogers joins business in Richmond.

    April 15: Titanic sinks
  • 1915
    Virginia-Carolina Supply Co. purchases the controlling interest in Froelich Brothers, Inc. Philadelphia

    October 1: William Newman Tomlinson born in Norfolk

    May 6: Babe Ruth hits his first home run
  • 1916
    A. A. Leath joins business

    A. A. Tomlinson supervises the Philadelphia operation, moves to that city

    W. B. Tomlinson appointed manager of the Richmond Branch.

    Sep 29: John D. Rockefeller becomes world's first billionaire
  • 1919
    B. F. Rogers returns to firm after his service in World War I

    Mr. P. F. Lee resigns his position as general manager in Norfolk

    June 28 Treaty of Versailles, ending WW I, is signed in France
  • 1920
    C. J. Harry joins business

    J. H. Verell joins the business

    Charles L. Roberts appointed manager of the Norfolk branch

    January: Shareholders elect Dr. Roland R. Walker, Chairman of the Board of Directors, A. A. Tomlinson, President, and W. B. Tomlinson, Vice President.

    May 1: Babe Ruth's 50th career home run
  • 1922
    Official Name changed to "Tomlinson Co., Inc."

    February: Charles L. Roberts elected Secretary

    March: Directors authorize the opening of a new branch at Greensboro, North Carolina, with B. F. Rogers, manager

    January: Merger of the Virginia-Carolina Supply Company and Froelich Brothers, Inc. decided, accomplished in February. Official notice of sent to stockholders, customers, and suppliers on April 1

    A. A. Tomlinson family relocates from Philadeplphia to North East, MD to "Hillside Lodge." Present day 120 E. Thomas Ave, North East, MD.
  • 1925
    March: Durham branch opens

    Charles L. Roberts dies, suddenly at 45, on November 15

    Apr 10: F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" published
  • 1926
    Lynchburg, VA branch first mentioned in that city's directory. Andrew Joseph Desmond, Mgr

    Oct 6: Babe Ruth hits 3 home runs in one World Series game
  • 1927
    Speakman introduces their first Anystream Shower Head.
  • 1929
    J. H. Verell appointed manager at Durham

    Aug 11: Babe Ruth hits 500th career home run

    Oct 29: "Black Tuesday" - Stock Market crashes triggering the Great Depression
  • 1930
    Chester, PA branch first mentioned in that city's directory.
  • 1936
    A. A. Leath elected Treasurer
  • 1940
    Lynchburg, VA branch appears in that city's directory for the last time. Frank Reed Barringer, Mgr
  • 1941
    A. A. Leath elected Director
  • 1949
    B. F. Rogers elected a member of the Board of Directors

    C. J. Harry elected Secretary
  • 1956
    J. H. Verell appointed manager of the Richmond branch

    Chester, PA branch appears in that city's directory for the last time. C. B. Lord, Mgr
  • 1958
    J. H. Verell elected to the Board of Directors
  • 1959
    November 26: W. B. Tomlinson dies

    A. A. Leath elected Vice President and Treasurer
  • 1960
    October 12: A. A. Tomlinson dies
  • 1961
    January 25: shareholders elect Charles E. Jenkins, Chairman of the Board; B. F. Rogers, President; E. M. O'Neal, Jr. Executive Vice President; Charles A. Roberts, Vice President; A. A. Leath, Vice President and Treasurer, and C. J. Harry, Secretary. William N. Tomlinson, W. B. Tomlinson, Jr. elected to board. Charles T. Banks and Herbert N. Lee reelected to board.
  • 1964
    October 10: Charles T. Banks dies.
  • 1965
    May: Burlington, North Carolina branch opens

    September 3: William N. Tomlinson dies.
  • 1968
    January 31: J. H. Verell dies

    January: B. F. Rogers was elected Chairman of the Board and E. M. O'Neal, Jr. elected President of the company. C. J. Harry elected to board.
  • 1969
    January 15: B. F. Rogers dies. Charles E. Jenkins becomes Chairman of the Board

    South Richmond opens with W. B. Tomlinson, Jr. as manager.
  • 1970
    November: Hampton, Virginia branch opens, with C. C. Chapman as manager.
  • 1972
    March 12: C. J. Harry dies.
  • 1974
    January 27: A. A. Leath dies

    Murphy F. McGirt, Sr. elected to board.
  • 1975
    March 23: Mr. Lee dies. Suffolk, Virginia branch opens, A. Lynn Bisese, manager

    November: Elsie R. Tomlinson elected to board.
  • 1976
    January: Company goes to full computer automation in 1976

    July: C. C. Woods, Jr. elected to board.
  • 1977
    February: Murphy F. McGirt, Sr. elected Chairman of the Board and John A. Williams, Jr. elected to board

    April: Portsmouth branch opens, George F. Dupree, manager. December: the Operations Center Office Building opens.
  • 1978
    April 23: Fire guts Greensboro branch offices

    August: Company's 75th anniversary booklet released. Reports 90 employees, 110 stockholders with more than 23,000 shares of stock and $7 million in annual sales.
  • 1980
    October 20: Formal buyout correspondence received from Tomlinson president E. M. O'Neal, Jr. offering $40.00 per share.
  • 2017
    First Tomlinson Company History Website Goes Live